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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Danielle Morgan Shares Her Journey In #LOV3RZ Mag June

Thank you to Danielle Morgan for sharing her independent journey with us to recording at some of the best studios in the world! Her debut EP is now available in the major stores
On day 1 of release, it debuted #Top40 at #39 in Hot New Releases of all albums, all genres on Amazon in the U.K!!!
& #2481 in the U.S.A!

Preview & buy it here

or go to her new website!

Listen to her LIVE recordings & hear previews of her songs on Reverbnation where she is #4 locally in #London & #23 #Globally on the #Singer #Songwriter #charts! #855 ALL genres globally! WOW!

Check out her videos from her "No Trace Of You" Launch Party LIVE in #Dubai!
Her story was featured in #LOV3RZ Magazine June edition!


  1. True to the moment

  2. Great sound & the voice is amazing,best of luck.

  3. Nice Nice Nice, love the vides!

  4. "Love Me Hold Me" does the trick, knocks your socks off.

  5. A big beautiful very strong song that arouses emotion. Congratulations .


  6. Best best wishes and we will turn the sun's path

  7. I love this music, fantastic beat and singer has a beautiful voice. Thanks for sharing your gift.

  8. "No trace of you" song very good to me. New discover made by invitation in Tweeter. I like originals and only understand covers when no copy of attitude on an original.