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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Kellie Leigh, Founder, #LOV3RZ™ & #ArtistsUnited™

Do not go where the path may lead, go where there is no path and leave a trail ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Every independent step forward is a leap towards the truth. The truth of real music, real artists & real people"

~Kellie Leigh, Founder #ArtistsUnited & #LOV3RZ

#ArtistsUnited is a worldwide community of Independent Music Artists.  Founder, Kellie Leigh, worked for 14 years in Entertainment Sales & Marketing as an Executive for the Top Television Broadcast & Corporate Owned Digital Start-ups before realizing what her true calling was.

In 2009, the world of Marketing changed and she was one of the early adapters who learned the ins and outs of Social Media.  She is a part of many international consultant networks throughout the world, and started #ArtistsUnited Worldwide Community in 2012 after having a God given vision. She knew this was her destiny. The rest is history! "I will leave out the details of the blood, sweat, tears & 18 hour days for 3 years and just make it look like over a million music loving followers just happened overnight. Nope, ours are real, and so are the relationships we have built along the way."

Most of our artists are on the Amazon & iTunes charts and have had many great accomplishments, even the ones just starting out... though most have MANY years of experience in the business, we pride ourselves on being connected with the best of the best. Our community, our message, our brand and our achievements are a source of pride. We run our own race and don't try to be anyone but ourselves. We are 100% independent BY CHOICE and so are our artists.

We promote CLEAN MUSIC ONLY & work in all genres of Christian/Gospel, and with artists who want to spread peace, love & unity through music. Diverse artists who have the same vision and goals as us.

If you have 100% clean music with a positive message (no swearing, no degrading words) and take your business SERIOUSLY, you will be considered to be a part of our initiatives. Our artists are WORLD CHANGERS.

#ArtistsUnited rebranded as #LOV3RZ in 2015! Connecting with #MusicLov3rz worldwide! Check out #LOV3RZ™ Magazine available in PRINT & DIGITAL. Here's the most recent edition. We have had over 1 MILLION #MusicLov3rz connect each month since January 2017!

Our newest blog can be found at:

#ArtistsUnited TV's #Top10VideoCountdown can be found on Facebook...

Sending TONS OF #LOV3 to you all... Please follow on Twitter @ArtistsUnitedWW

God Bless!
Kellie Leigh XO

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

#WhatsOnMyPlaylist #ProfessorB & #TheArmyOfLove @TweetProfessorB

It's ALL about #LOV3 here at #LOV3RZ Worldwide, and the positive VIBES just keep on flowing.

Check out Professor B & The Army Of Love's album "Tough Times"
Follow them on Twitter
Also on Amazon & iTunes!


Find out more about them, their journey & mission in #LOV3RZ Magazine!


Wednesday, April 5, 2017

James Harrison Bacon Is #LOV3RZ Magazine May's #ArtistToWatch

James Harrison Bacon is back! His new CD "I Got Yours" is coming soon!
His music has real meaning and important messages that will inspire you!
Stay connected for our reviews of his music and more on April 15th!

** We Are One - Written by James Harrison Bacon, Music by Wolfgang Leng, mixed by Cedrick D. Mack.

You can hear and buy his music at  

If you are an independent artist who makes clean music with a positive message and want to be featured in an upcoming edition of #LOV3RZ Magazine, please email your bio, social links & 2 MP3's to
Kellie Leigh
Founder, #LOV3RZ Worldwide

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Blessid Union Of Souls Featured In #LOV3RZ April!

Blessid Union Of Souls featured in #LOV3RZ Magazine April! In response to their fans request, this cool, classic band gets ready to record their final album.

Get their latest single "Get Along" on iTunes.

And stay connected for info as they hit the road in Summer 2017!!!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

#TweedFunk Featured Story In #LOV3RZ Magazine April

Tweed Funk share their 
miraculous journey in #LOV3RZ Magazine April edition!

Check out their music at

iTunes | Amazon | CD Baby

61x Award Winning Inspirational Artist Delra Harris Returns - #LOV3RZ April Cover!

61x #Award #Winning #Inspirational #Artist DELRA HARRIS returns to 

Here is the link to the digital version (also available in Print)

#LOV3RZ Independent Magazine April 2017
62 pages, published 3/14/2017
#MusicLov3rz #FashionLov3rz #ACT3RZ
His highly anticipated 3rd album is coming soon! 

Follow @DelraHarris on Twitter!

Preview & Buy his albums "Keep The Faith" & "No Authority" on Amazon

or iTunes 

Vote for Delra Harris in the #SteepleAwards #MaleArtistOfTheYear & #BestCollaboration with #ReginaBelle
Catch his LIVE performance at the Steeple Awards in Atlanta, GA on 4.22.2017!

Download his hit song "You Are The Only One For Me" on Reverbnation:   

If you are an independent artist who makes clean music with a positive message and want to be featured in an upcoming edition of #LOV3RZ Magazine, please email your bio, social links & 2 MP3's to
Kellie Leigh
Founder, #LOV3RZ Worldwide

Saturday, March 11, 2017

#BilliBlade @innadancehall Returns To #LOV3RZ Magazine April!

#BilliBlade @innadancehall Returns To #LOV3RZ Magazine April!

Coupled with RNB artist Denzel Williams, the two have collaborated to create a masterpiece of beauty and unique style of blending RNB with Reggae.